Every stick has a story

The cigar experience has a tragic flaw

Cigar smoking is the pastime of nobility. A crucial part of being a connoisseur of this time–honored tradition, is taking pride in knowing the finest details of the work–of–art you hold in your hands.

Sadly, those details are difficult—if not impossible—to find; and, all too often, your only source for this information is the marketing material created by the distributor…

…and, as you know, marketing is notoriously unreliable.

Smoking cigar overlooking tobacco field
Connoisseur smoking a cigar in the Caribbean

For the true aficionado, the details are indispensable

Like a bow tied around a carefully chosen gift for your significant other, the branded band around a cigar is only the finishing flourish.

With a sense of pride and obligation, you seek to discover the true essence of what you're about to partake.

You have to know where the leaves were sourced, how long they were aged, who was the master blender, and where it was rolled.

You have to know more than just the rating; you have to know what year that rating was awarded, and by whom.

Perfect data is the missing link to the perfect cigar experience

Introducing Cigar Index.

The one–and–only, authoritative, canonical index of specs for every (good) handmade cigar in the world.

Straight from the source. With zero marketing fluff. The only content on cigar index is the raw specs direct from the manufacturer.

Only the manufacturer tells their story of how their work–of–art came into being.

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